Parks in Argentina

Argentina is a breathtaking country that is full of adventures, wonderful, friendly people, fabulous music unconquered temper and delicious food. But above it all is Argentine nature. Magnificent views of Argentine landscapes attract and mesmerize. The country stretched for thousand km from the coldest sides of Antarctic on the South to impassable jungles in the North. Argentine territory has 33 national parks and four natural monuments, not counting countless places that are secured by regional governments.

Top Most Gorgeous Parks Of Argentina:

Los Glaciares

Los Glaciares is a glacial national park that is situated on the territory of Santa Cruz province. Its total area is 4459 square km. The park was established in 1937, it is the second biggest national park in the country. Los Glacias territory is 30 % covered with ice, the total territory can be divided into two parts, and each part belongs to its lake. One lake is called Argentino it is the biggest lake in the country. Las Glaciares national park has numerous attractions which can be visited both with a guide in a special sightseeing tour and all alone. Beautiful glaciers, deep caves and high Andes will not leave anyone without a delight.


Iguassu is probably the most powerful water places in the world. This national park was established in 1934 in honor to save one of the most wonderful places in Argentina- its waterfalls. Several waterfall islands form the largest Iguassu waterfall in the Earth. Iguassu national park surprises you from the entrance, just in 50 meters there is a visit center “Ivita Reta” that shows the whole 10 000 history of the park, its first settlements and its unique flora and fauna. Iguassu national park is more than an ordinary park it is a spiritual place that will give you incredible feelings. There are also several tours around the Iguassu national Park which include helicopter, canoe and pedestrian tours.

Nahuel Huapi

One more absolutely stunning national park Nahuel Huapi is situated in the South of Argentina, on the banks of Nahuel Huapi Lake. It was founded in 1903, its total area is 785 000 ha. One of the most visited touristic places Bariloche is situated in the boarders of the park but the biggest attraction of Nahuel Huapi is a dead volcano Tronador, which height is 3554 meters. It shoots up above dense forest and numerous lakes. One more major attraction of the park is Nahuel Huapi Lake that lies on the 767 meters above the sea level. Its length is 70 km and its total area is 530 square km. The lake is very deep and beautiful its water is as clear as the sky which reflects mighty mountains and deep forests.

Tierra del Fuego

If you are in Argentina it is almost a crime not to visit Tierra del Fuego (Fire Land). This place was firstly opened by Magellan who saw Indian tribes making their fire rituals from the other side of the channel that today has his name. This park is not a usual place to go. It is very far and the climate is very severe but it is a lifetime experience. Once you get to see those free, breathtaking landscapes you will understand that it was worth it. Ushuaia, the capital of province is the most southern place in the world which is usually called “El fin Del Mundo” (the end of the world). Tierra Fuego was inhabited more than 10 000 years ago but today it has very small population which is trustfully incredibly friendly. You can make sure in total friendliness dropping in at one of the best places El Parador Del Fin Den Mundo

Argentina is so much more that can be written, other 29 national parks are as interesting as the above mentioned. The country can surely surprise and intrigue.