Jesuit Reductions in Argentina

Jesuit reductions are the old and beautiful places that were spread throughout Argentina in XII-XIII centuries. They were built by Jesuit Christians in order to govern, tax and importantly Christianize indigenous people in Latin America.” Reducciones de Indios” mostly known as Indian reservation were different from other reductions in the world as they were aimed to convert Indian tribes into Christianity but not necessarily into European culture.

Today Jesuit missions are recognized by an extravagant architecture and an impressive history. Most of the missions in Argentina are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

San Ignacio Mini

San Ignacio Mini is one of the oldest missions in Latin America. It was originally erected by a Spanish priest José Cataldino in 1610 in Brazil but due to constant attacks from the Portuguese sights they had to move it to the present place in 1632. The territory of San Ignacio Mini belongs to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. The main attraction of the place is in its magnificent architecture and surrounding picturesque landscapes. It has a stunning church of 24 meters and different buildings that are magnetizing by its red sand look.

Mission Province

Mission province is a total sum of missions located in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. It was originally populated by the largest Indian culture Guarani. The first European to step on the lands of the future mission was Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541 when he opened one of the greatest spots in Argentina – Iguassu falls. In XVII century, Jesuit mission came to the lands, creating more than 30 villages for Guarani people who were slaved and imprisoned for a very long time. Instead of using them as slaves Christian order introduced them art, culture and Christianity. Mission province made a lot of buzz as the surrounding countries wanted to take it as Brazilian, Paraguayan or Argentinean cultural heritage.

Paraguay claimed that Guarani belonged to their ethnicity and Argentina claimed that most of the missions are on  the territory of their country. After the long debates UNESCO decided to add the whole territory to the list of the World heritage. Mission province is very interesting and exciting as the grand architecture was carefully preserved. Beautiful churches, old houses, and red squares make this place a very interesting destination for every tourist. Apart from the architecture, mission province attracts by its almost overwhelming nature with canyons, deserts and high waterfalls.

Jesuit Block and Estancia de Cordova

Jesuit block and estancia is one of the best preserved Jesuit missions in Argentina. It is also one of the largest missions, it consists of 6 residences around Cordova. The complex of the oldest university in Latin America, Monserrat Secondary school, various buildings and churches were built in 1615 by Jesuits. Although they were driven out from the country by King Charles III of Spain, their impact to the Indian culture and the Argentinean architecture is enormous, which was recognized by the world society, UNESCO and by tourists from all over the world.