Music in Argentina

Music in Argentina is present in every place, in every person. It has a long history that goes back up to five hundred years ago. Argentinean music is a mixture of local music and the immigrant’s influence that was brought from Europe. Music rises as one of the most important aspects of Argentinean culture. Tango is thought to be the exquisite genre when describing Argentina but the integrality of other compositions that are reflected in other genres is equally significant. It’s one of top five Argentinean Dances, though probably the most favourite and most loved.

Orchestras, ballets, classical and folk singers perform in every place of the country and abroad all year round. Such names as Alberto Williams, Pablo Beruti, Garcia Mansilla and Drangosh brought fame to that country.


The most famous genre of music in Argentina is of course Tango. This dance is a mixture of African, European and “criollas” roots.  All together they form Argentinean best music contribution to the world. Tango is believed to be born in Buenos Aires suburbs; it means “a place for slaves to meet”. The popular style combines melancholic lyrics with sensuality and passion.

The main instrument “bandoneon” was brought by the immigrants somewhere around 1900 and it still plays a major part. Carlos Gardel was the first to popularize the style worldwide. In the 1940s tango was performed on the Tv and radio almost 24 hours a day by Osvaldo Pugliese , Horacio Salgán, Tita Merello, Alberto Castillo, Enrique Santos Discépolo and Alberto Castillo. In the mid 50 Roberto Gayoneche became the most versatile tango composer who put this style into the new level. Nowadays tango is a symbol of the national cultureof Argentine but it can be easily heard all over the world.

Folk Music

Folk music is vast in the country. Each region has its own descriptive touch to their music which gives even greater variety of music styles. Atahualpa Yupanqui, Jaime Torre, Ariel Ramirez and Los Chalchaleros band gained both national and international recognition. Nueva Cancion, Chacarera and Chamame are the main sub styles in Argentine folk music.

Nueva Cancion

Is a social or protest style songs. They are usually performed using guitar, zampona or charango, talking about politics, rebellions and poverty.


Is a dancing style which is performed with a help of guitar and Argentinian drum “Bombo”. The word Chacarera comes from “chakra” which means a farm. This style can be heard in most rural places of the country. The best known bands who perform these styles are los Chalchareros and Carabajan family.


Is usually played on a guitar and bandeon and is considered to be one of the most popular music genres in Argentina. It was originated by the immigrants from Europe and Russia, who combined their music styles like mazurka, polka and waltz with African and aborigine sounds. Today Chamame style got its second wave of popularity by the Ukrainian roots musician Horacio “Chango” Spasiuk .

Rock’n’roll in Argentina is as very important as any other music style. In the 1960 the band Los Gatos and their first single “la balsa” were the first to bring rock’n’roll to big crowds. Bands like La Máquina de hacer Pájaros and Serú Girán and solo singer León Greco became real rock symbols, because of the social lyrics and the music renewal movement that they brought to the people.