Football in Argentina

For Argentines football is not only a game it’s a national philosophy. The world famous game was brought by the English immigrants. As well as in Brazil it started as a game for elite but very soon it was spread all over the country. Workers spend more and more time on the field so they had a choice whether to stay at the factory or to make football their profession.

The first game was played in 1901 that makes its National team one of the oldest in the world. Professional games for clubs started in 1931, before that time only teams from Buenos Aires and La Plata could participate in the league. Till 1966 there was only one championship, the winner was chosen by the highest number of scores.  But in a year the situation changed, Argentina got two championships: “Metropolitan” season that has a structure and regulations, the other was called “Nacional” that was open for province clubs.

Nowadays, Argentina National team is the most titled team in the world.  The team participated in countless games and two times got the first place at the World Championships in 1978 and 1986. According to the FIFA it occupies the 10th place in the world. Other achievements by this giant football team were: 14 times winning the Cup of America, Confederation Cup 1992, Olympic tournaments in 2004 and 2008.

“Olimpo”, “Racing club”, “Lanus” and “River Plait” are clubs that are familiar to any football fan.

Argentinean football is associated with one great name- Maradona. The man himself is a football legend. He is admitted not only as a great player but as one of the best gamer for the whole history of this game. His fame is so enormous that he got the first place in the internet polling for being the best FIFA player of all times. Though, he had to share this title with a football king Pele. He became world famous in 1986 when he was a captain of the Argentinean National team. He is also known as a “God’s Arm” because of his unbelievable goal which he scored with a help of his arm. Diego Maradona was honored with the “Golden Ball” for being the best player of tournament. Nowadays he works as a coach for the National team.

Another hero of Argentine team is Lionel Messi. He is a FIFA World player of the year and Ballon d’Or. This man has put his name into the best Argentinean player and to the top best football players of the world. Lionel Messi,  a “Barcelona” striker and a main footballer of the National Argentinean team has been honored by the legendary Maradona as his “successor”.

If to talk about Argentina the list of great players is endless. Argentina was, is and will be one the gretest football countries of the world. Without doubts it will surprise and give more and more football names that will go done into the history of this incredible game.