Ten Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Argentina

Argentina, the ‘land of silver’ is a large country, with a very rich and intriguing history and culture, and a very diverse geographical feature. The country is also called the ‘land of six continents’ and the Pampas is its central region. Below there are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Argentina.

Fact #1

According to the law, the President and Vice President of Argentina must be Roman Catholics.

Fact #2

Do you like animated films? Well the first set of animated films that were ever made in the world was produced and released in Argentina in 1917, by Quirino Cristiani.

Fact #3

The hottest and coldest temperature which has ever occurred in South America was recorded in Argentina.

Fact #4

Emilio Marcos Palma is the first person to be born on the Antarctic continent. He was born on January 7th, 1978 and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the first person in history known to be born on the continent.

Fact #5

Psychoanalysis is one of the main ways urban Argentinians differs from the other Latin American countries and as a result Argentina has the highest percentage of psychoanalysts per capita in the World, with France being second.

Fact #6

The Buenos Aires Metro locally known as Subte, is the oldest subway system in the Southern Hemisphere and first of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world. The Buenos Aires Metro was opened in 1913 in the Buenos Aires and currently the only metro system in an Argentine city.

Fact #7

Croatian born, Argentine anthropologist and police official Juan Vucetich is the pioneer of fingerprinting. The first positive finger print identification of a criminal in a case was done in 1892 by Vucetich.

Fact #8

The Argentine national, Dr. Bernardo Houssay was the first Latin-American to be awarded a Nobel Prize on science for the discovering of the role played by pituitary hormones in the regulation of the amount of glucose in animals along with Carl Ferdinand Cori and Gerty Cori.

Fact #9

The Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio also known as El Chueco and El Maestro was race car driver. He has a record which stood for 46 years when he won five Formula One World Driver’s Championships. He is also the only Argentine driver to have won the Argentine Grand Prix.

Fact #10

Lake Argentino is the largest lake in Argentina, with a surface area of 1,466 km 2. Located within the Los Glaciares National Park, the lake is supplied by Lake Viedma, the melt water several rivers and many mountain streams.