Argentina Guide

officially: Argentine Republic
Capital:Buenos Aires
Area:2,766,890 km2
1,068,302 sq mi
Political System:Federal Representative Democratic Republic
Telephone Code:+54

With an autonomous city, Buenos Aires, and a federation of 23 provinces, Argentina is the second largest South American country.

Argentina is a place of endlessly beautiful landscapes, from the plains of the Atlantic Patagonia where windswept pampas and the ocean meet to the magnificent snow covered Andes’ mountain. Lose yourself in Argentina’s immense scenery of lush rainforests, rugged mountains and dusty deserts.

Argentina offers great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and skiing. The southernmost region of the country is perfect for wildlife and nature lovers as there are plenty of arctic animals like seals and beautiful birds.

Argentines have a craving and thirst for life which is contagious and this love is reflected in the country’s great passion for football, partying and food.

At the core of all this is the largest city and capital, Buenos Aires which is a modern metropolis that is filled with energy. Famous for its world-renowned culture, gaucho heritage, and tango, Argentina is more cosmopolitan than most other South American countries. Buenos Aries, and its citizens, is unique and characterized by pride. The city is among the best when it comes to offering entertainment and nightlife which is one of the spectacular scenes in the world. Everything from the theaters, to the book readers in the outdoor cafés to the bars and clubs all display the extraordinary South American flair and are all part of the Buenos Aires essence.

Argentina’s visitors can easily adjust to the full swing of things, while creating lasting memories of fine wines, large steaks, and fantastic scenery. Argentina’s lifestyle, art, literature and architecture have significant characteristics of European influences. With a first-class and high standard of university level education, Argentines have a rather contemporary and tasteful tradition. The country has attained international recognition in arts and sciences with the tango being the most popular manifestation of the Argentine’s culture which has captivated romantics internationally.

The Argentine cuisines are very unique in South America and you can savor a wide range of indigenous creations. In Argentina, you can try anything and everything from the usual steaks to more exotic parts of animals which only the locals eat like the kidneys and livers. Combine the kindness and warmth of the people with the almost always pleasant weather, and come see for yourself why Argentina is a beautiful place to visit.