Romantic Vacation in Mendoza

When you mention Argentina, ignorant and uninformed people think only about football and tango.

More educated ones can add that this is also the birthplace of the eternal rebel Che Guevara. Of course, tango and football (even without Che) are the two cornerstones on which the Argentine culture is based. However, you shouldn’t think that there is nothing more interesting in Argentina. If you don’t want to go there alone, you can get acquainted with one of the charming girls and go on a romantic voyage to a small city of Mendoza.

Why Is This City so Romantic?

Mendoza is located in the beautiful valley of La Rioja and is full of interesting sights and amazing places. It is one of the reasons why so many travelers from all over the world come here every year. Thanks to
the large amount of greenery and trees that are planted in such a dry area, Mendoza was nicknamed “an oasis in the desert.”

In summer, the city is an excellent resort, which is full of interesting excursion programs and fascinating routes, and in winter, it becomes a real  paradise for skiers. In addition, Mendoza is known as the largest
center of wine and olive oil production in Argentina. Thanks to the high mountains against the azure sky, green valleys, and beautiful climate, local people call their city “The Land of the Sun and Good Wine,” and tourists who have visited here at least once remember it with a smile.

What Can You Find There?

Picturesque views of the surrounding countryside attract lovers of natural landscapes and those who like taking photos. In addition, you will be invariably impressed by the Parque Provincial Aconcagua National Park, which has many hiking trails, and the Las Lenas ski resort, which is open all year round.

The most popular vacation spot is very beautiful park of St. Martin, where there are cozy gazebos, a picnic area, a small zoo and a stadium. You  should definitely visit the aquarium Acuario Municipal and the riding school Cabalgatas La Guatana. If you are looking for night entertainment, there are quite a large number of clubs and bars, however, they are not as noisy as in the capital.

And, of course, don’t ignore the wineries, where you will be able to get acquainted with the technologies of wine production and go wine tasting. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main annual cultural event of Mendoza is the “Vendemia” holiday, which is dedicated to the collection of grapes.

During this festival, which lasts two months, there are various parades, performances, competitions, tastings, etc.

5 Things to Do in Mendoza

  • Take a charming German city trolley and bus “shopping tram,” which really looks like a retro tram. The “shopping tram” goes round in circles, passing the most “appetizing” shopping places.
  • Visit the most famous wine bar in the city “Vines of Mendoza,” which is just around the corner from the Hyatt hotel. On Thursday, you can visit wine and tapas parties in the evening.
  • Climb to the highest building of the city Gomez and take a photo with your beloved one on the background of the city roofs.
  • Try paragliding. In Mendoza, you can do that every day.
  • In the winter season, go skiing to Los Penitentes where you will find the biggest slope or Los Puquios if you are beginners.

On the last day of this romantic voyage with your beloved one, sitting on the veranda of a coastal restaurant that is filled with the sounds of a Latin guitar, and having dinner with a delicate beef steak with excellent local wine, you will understand that you will certainly come here again. Mendoza is an incredible and unique place, which will win your heart and bring the unforgettable impressions.