Getting in and Around Argentina

Argentina has the most developed transport system in South America. Altogether there are 216 100 km of car roads that go through the picturesque Argentinean landscapes, 61 598 km of which is paved that makes it very easy to travel, especially through the longest road in Argentina – Route 40. Argentina railways extend for 37 910 km. Together with Buenos-Aires airport there are 366 different airports and more than 100 sea ports in different cities of the country.

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to get to the fabulous country Argentina is by plane. The country has regular air traffic with all South America’s countries and most countries of Europe. The main airport in Argentina is situated in Buenos-Aires. It is called International Airport Minister Passerine. Besides Pissarini airport, there are 366 other airports that are placed in different Argentinean cities. Moreover, every province in Argentina has its airport, for example such touristic places as Bariloche and El-Calafate. Most of the flights are conducted in a day time. The best and the most respected airline in the country is considered to be Aerolineas Argentinas. Travelling by plane is very popular between Europeans and the locals.

By Ship

Another great way to explore Argentina is by ship. It will surely take much more time but at the same time, such voyage will give you a wonderful opportunity to see all the natural beauty that surrounds this magical country. Total length of waterways is exceeding 11 000 km. Sea cruises take a dominating part in Argentinean travelling. Most of such cruises go through the most visited and sunny places of Argentina such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza and the most severe part – Ushuaia.

By Train

As Argentina is one of the biggest countries in Latin America it is quite hard to explore it on foot. One of the best ways to do it is by train. In such a way you will see all breathtaking landscapes of Andes Mountains, National parks, rivers, lakes and wild nature of the country. It is also very comfortable because you won’t get stuck in traffic. Argentina railways extend for 34 000 km which makes it one of the largest railway systems in South America. Travelling by train in Argentina is a lot of fun. Steam haulage trains are said to be used only by tourists. Such as “La Trochita” which goes in Patagonia and “Tren del fin del Mundo” (Fire Island train) are one of the oldest and most popular ones.

By Bus

And, of course, travelling by bus is a very popular and what’s very important – a cheap way to travel in Argentina. Travelling by bus in Argentina is like in any other country in the world. First of all every tour is accompanied with traditional Argentinean music, people are sitting very close and there is no chance that you will not participate in a bus concert, not in Argentina.

Whatever way you will choose to get to Argentina, it will be interesting and fun.