Bariloche is a fabulous place which is situated in the middle of the mighty Andes Mountains, on the land of the thousand years’ forest, unbelievably beautiful lakes, sparkling glaciers and beautiful lowlands of Patagonia.

Bariloche is called Argentinean and Southern America’s Switzerland due to its astonishing lakes and forest, fresh and clean air, wonderful architecture and delicious chocolate.

Winter Bariloche is one of the most visited ski resorts in the country which turns into a great water resort in the summer. It lies on the banks of the Nahuel Huapi River surrounded by the high mountains of Andes. Its 110 000 population makes it the biggest city in Rio Negro province and one of the most popular touristic place in Patagonia.

It was historically opened in 1895 by a group of German explorers who settled a little transshipping of goods convey to Chilean port Puento Mont. An official opening date of San Carlos bariloche is considered to be 1902. Such places as a City Center, Llao-Llao hotel and national park Nahuel Huapi, which take a substantial part of the city, were designed by a prominent Argentinean architect Alejandro Bustillo.

This district is doubtless the heaven for those who like outdoor activities. It won’t leave indifferent anyone who likes fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain climbing, golf and simply those who like to rest in a fabulous mountain area.

Bariloche resort is a favorite place for Europeans. Apart from its breath-taking landscapes it has modern ski-slope, lifters and numerous teaching centers that are accompanied by professional trainers that speak both Spanish and English. Ski lovers would have a chance to appreciate mountain skiing infrastructure as it has unbelievable slopes that are covered with white snow and 6 meters cabin elevator that is considered to be the best in Southern America.

The city is also famous for its gorgeous architecture. It has numerous must visit places like Templo Mayor and El Centro Civico which are dated to 1940 and La Capilla San Eduardo with its famous tower.  La Catedral de Bariloche is a spiritual center of the country which has been recently added to the list of national historical monuments. Another great place to get in touch with Bariloche life and culture is Patagonia museum which introduces you with ancient history of the district, starting with those days when it was inhabited with Indian tribes before first white conquerors came here.

If you prefer excursions, Bariloche has many tourist agencies that offer various tours to islands and near lakes like Lago Frigez, which is translated as a Cold Lake.

Bariloche suburbs are perfect for any kind of outdoor activities: you can climb three head dead volcano Tronador, visit mountain-ski town Villa de Angostura, Llao-Llao peninsula, extreme hanging bridge of 34 km from Intendencia, Serro-Lopes mountain range and many other places.