Rosario is a vibrant and modern city in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina that has a strong agricultural, industrial and cultural base. It has carved its place in the annals of Argentinean history as it is where General Manuel Belgrano designed the country’s flag.

In terms of its commercial significance to Argentina, Rosario is situated as a major railroad terminal and shipping center for the northeastern regions. Its enviable location on the coast of the Parana River has ensured the city’s continuous growth and influx of trade and immigrants. As well, it has the largest commodity market in the country and the largest futures exchange.

There is a dynamic energy in Rosario and it’s not just coming from its multiethnic population but also from its rich cultural tapestry that is evident around the city. There are museums of modern and historical art, lovely parks and strolling areas, shopping malls, coffee shops, theaters, restaurants that showcase local as well as international flavours, discos and bars and many other wonderful opportunities that tourists can take advantage of.

The most popular landmark is the Flag Monument in the Parque Nacional de la Bandera (National flag Park) where General Belgrano’s remains can also be found. In Urquiza Park visitors can find a public astronomy complex which houses an observatory and a planetarium. For the more adventure-minded, a good way to explore the boundaries of the city is to take a leisure cruise on the Parana River or to rent a hang-glider and enjoy a panoramic view of the magnificent city.