La-Plata is a youth city that has an interesting history, architecture and a grand culture. The city is situated on the banks of the river La-Plata, it is an administrative and cultural center of Buenos-Aires’ province.

La-Plata was established in 1882 when governor of Buenos-Aires province put a first stone to the formation of the city. It was the first city to get electricity in Southern America and 1889, in Paris it was rewarded with 2 medals “Future City” and “Best construction”.

The city was designed by a prominent Argentinean architect Pedro Benua. La-Plata has a square – shape with the central square and a park. It has two parallel streets that cross each other at right angle. Because of its shape La-Plata is often called “la ciudad de los diagonals” which means “diagonal city”.

La-Plata has one of the oldest universities in Argentina. Universidad de La-Plata was formed in 1905 by Joaquin Victor Gonzalez. This university is one of the largest in the country; it has more than 80 000 of students from all over the world. 17 faculties and 118 specialties, world class professors and high-tech techniques make it one of the most prominent universities in Latin America. The main direction in educational system of the university is that every student should love what he does. Every student takes a special psychological test that identifies if this or that profession is suitable for the student. Besides the studies students are welcome to enjoy countless number of entertainment programs, theatrical studios, laboratories and museums.

One of the best examples of such is the museum of Natural Sciences that belongs to the university. It is a large university of natural sciences in South America. It has more than 2 million objects in its collection that include ancient fossils, mammals of tertiary epoch and queternaria.  It also disposes Tambem room that is divided to Argentinean history, its tribes and ancient Argentinean culture. It is more than a museum; it is a scientific center with real laboratories that can be visited by tourists every weekend.

La-Plata is also known around the world for its magical place “Children Republic”. This place is a real fairy-tale for kids and adults with castles and palaces, port, stores, railways and theaters that are painted into different bright colors. In 1950 it was visited by Walt Disney who was absolutely amazed with the idea which led to a creation of a world famous Disneyland in USA.

One more place that makes La-Plata so interesting is la-Plata cathedral that was built in 1884. It is the biggest Gothic style church in Southern America; it has 112 meters high towers and extravagant stained-glass artworks which were brought here from France. It has underground museum and an elevator that goes to the top of the tower.

La-Plata is usually called a youth city because it has one of the biggest percentages of students in Argentina. That is why it has a great number of entertainment centers like bars, restaurants, pubs and dance floors. Every weekend the city turns into one big festival, filled of cheerful students that party all night.