Argentine Culture

Despite unbelievable mix of cultures that were deeply influenced by European Latin America, Argentina managed to create its own unique culture that is unlike other countries. Influences are visible in many aspects but if to talk about Argentina all national difference come to one word “Argentinean”.

Despite economic crisis that highly affected the level of life in the country stay the same, a proud and independent nation that is almost obsessed about their culture and history.

Though there were some difficulties it is obvious that one thing that couldn’t affect is its local unconquered temper. This “Latin” temper is peculiar both for men and women.  Nonetheless, the attitude towards each other and foreigners is very attentive. Politeness seems to be in Argentinean blood. Even a beggar asks for money without peculiar capitation.

When two Argentineans meet they kiss each other on the chick and when it is two close friends then it is hard to count those smiles and compliments. Everybody is doubtless obsessed with football and politics. Argentinean football is not a game it is a philosophy, religion and a great part of local lifestyle.

Just as Che Guevara is famous as political rebel all over the world the same way Maradona is famous for any football fan in and outside the country. Famous Argentineans become national heroes that are quoted and followed.

Argentineans are very attentive in their conversations, especially with ladies, but it shouldn’t be marked real emotions it can be natural desire to be highly estimated, it is necessary to bear in mind that Argentineans have another great passiontheaters. When Argentineans talk, they can promise everything but that won’t mean that they will do it. Anyway in that non-stop conversation it is difficult to identify those “promise” words. One more thing is punctuality, it is not on the local list of priorities, and feel free to come 15-20 minutes later and even then you will probably wait more but this information does not touch business sphere here Argentines present themselves as punctual hard-workers that now what they want and do it well.

Argentineans love to party, they stay up and get up later then Europeans, they love to dance, it is believed to that every real Argentinean know how to dance the most passionate dance tango. Tango in Argentina is danced almost everywhere including bars, cafes, dance floors and even streets.

Their love to flavored food is connected with hot mate and red wine, Argentina food is a combination of European traditions and Latin unpredictability.

Its nature is one of the main substances of the culture, wide valleys of Mendoza, severe climate of Ushuaia, mighty of Natural parks in Argentina and white-sand beaches form a large country that has everything hence Argentineans don’t need much from others what make them independent and generous. Almost any place you go there will be somebody who will help you.