Argentina Food

Argentina has a strong European influence, and this is shown in their food. The Argentine cuisine is unique in South America due to its Spanish, Italian, French and other European resemblance instead of the usual Latin American one. Therefore you will discover that the food there is a different style of Mediterranean cooking, with a large focus on produces that are grown in the country. Argentina is also famous for its beef and is a producer of some of the world’s best beef.

Asado, the Argentine barbecue is the most traditional way of eating meat in the country and numerous amounts of restaurants specialize in this tradition. They also have grills with all varieties of cooked beef on display within view of the sitting area. Cooked lamb is another meat that is popular in Argentina. The country also has a wide range of staple foods, which include locro, a blend of meat, corn, bacon, beans, onion, and gourd; empanadas, a form of stuffed pastry; and chorizo a spicy meat-based sausage.

The food in various regions of the country is also different and is prepared differently. In the central region and the Pampas which comprises of the provinces of Córdoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, and a portion of Entre Ríos, asado, dulce de leche, and other dishes like milanesas or breaded meats symbolizes the region.

In the Northwestern area which consists of the provinces of Jujuy, Catamarca, the west of Santiago del Estero, La Rioja, Tucumán and Salta, the cuisine has more influence from the Andes mountain cultures than in the other parts of Argentina. This region also has a lot of potatoes, corn and indigenous vegetables like quinoa and kiwicha.

The Northwest Territory produces a wide assortment of sweets and some of these sweet like dulce de membrillo and dulcce de batata are eaten in large quantities in other parts of the country. They are also used, along with queso fresco, to make the desserts of fresco y batata and postre vigilante.

The Cuyo region of Argentina comprises the provinces of Mendoza, San Luis and San Juan joins the gastronomic elements of the Central and Northwest region. The Cuyo region is also a producer of wines such as Malbec, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Riesling; and fruits like grapes, apples, and peaches.

The Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego region is famous for their tasty allarines, Raviolis, pig roasts, ñoquis,  goat roasts, pizzas, and especially the Patagonic lamb, ñandú, and Patagonic deer.

While the north east region of the country which includes the provinces of the east of Santiago del Estero, Corrientes, Formosa, Misiones, most of Entre Ríos, Chaco and the north of Santa Fe is the main manufacturer of the maté drink known as yerba maté. Yerba maté is famous all across the country

Thin sandwiches are also very common in Argentina and the country is home to some really tasty deserts. So when you visit Argentina so make sure you bring your a carnivorous spirit and sample the pastries and ice cream in the cafes and restaurants.