Puerto Madryn is one of the fastest growing cities in Argentina. It is situated in the Patagonian province Chubut. The city is a popular beach place and the main gateway to the breath-taking Valdes peninsula. Puerto Madryn is located on the shores of a large Atlantic Ocean water bay – Gulfo Nuevo.

Puerto Madryn is a popular water port, administrative and commercial center. This miraculous town is located in the western part of the country. It has stunning nature that combines beaches and surfing spots with cold and severe glaciers that came from mountains and forms unbelievably beautiful turquoise lakesViedma and Argentina. Though, the water can be cold and windy this place is preferable for thousands of visitors every year as a beach destination.

The area was firstly inhabited by all-known Tehuelche tribes whose footprint can be still seen in the city’s architecture. First explorers who came here, were Welsh, they couldn’t resist the beauty of the place and settled here in 1865. The city was named after its first governor Baron Madryn of Wales. Present population is more than 60 000 people which make it a large touristic place. It has been rapidly growing during the last few years as a great eco-touristic place.

One of the main attractions of the area is its astonishing Los Glacier national Park that has 13 glaciers, forming beautiful lakes which are situated in Patagonia. The entire park has wonderful nature. Its flora and fauna won’t leave anyone untouched. Wild and free animals are running through the high and deep forest, stopping near the wooden houses which work as hotels. Each spent day is magnificent, filled of adventures and interesting stories.

Apart from the park, Puerto Madryn has several daytrips to the nearby towns which just as much worth visiting. If you come in a wintertime one of the best tours to take would be Punta Tumbo. The place is totally inhabited with thousands of penguins that are not scared of people. It is nowhere else in the world that you will have a chance to get in touch with absolutely wild nature where you can make unbelievable photos except for Punta Tumbo. Moreover, this tour has additional destination to Commerson’s dolphins which is a small spot of a large dolphin gathering.

For those who like extreme, there is a great tour to Punta Loma. It is a famous sea-lion place. There are very few ways how you can get there: it is either by bike, by horse or on foot. You will go through the lovely rocky beaches that are filled with everything except for people. The only tip is to remember that roads are not paved so you may get stuck on the way.

And of course the must-take tour from Purto Madryn is to Valdes peninsula. Animal world that consists of penguins, sea lions, dolphins and whales is almost overwhelming. It is also one of the most famous whale watching spots in the world.  Altogether, Puerto Madryn is not only a great place to visit, but an amazing crossroad of natural resorts and simply beautiful places.