Colors, music, dance and joyful people – this is La Boca. The place where La Boca is situated today was the place where Pedro de Mendoza established a beautiful city Buenos Aires in 1536.

La Boca is one of the most vivid districts in the capital of Argentina. During Spanish colonization La Boca was a place of black slavery, after the country gained its independence this place turned into a multicolored fairy tale that is filled with joy and welcoming Argentineans.

La Boca is the first port in Buenos Aires. At the end of XIX century, the district was highly populated by immigrants from Italy, who gave it a modern look. They painted their houses with different colors, as paint was luxury at that time and they didn’t have enough of it to paint them all in the same color. Down the road, multicolor building appeared to be a traditional landmark of La Boca; the colors became more vivid and bright as we see it today.

The district is one of the biggest top 10 tourist attractions in Argentina. It is a picturesque art and music center. Here one can find sunny buildings and street dancers who perform their passionate Argentinean tango without any charge to viewers.

Take a walk down the Florida Avenue. It is a famous shopping center where each 10th can win dancing shoes and taste delicious Argentinean wine right in one of the cozy cafes that are filled with tourists from all over the world. Florida Avenue if also famous for its street tango dancers, who perform right in the middle of the crowd, gathering hundreds of people each day.

Each time they take one pair from the crowd and let them go only after they are satisfied with the way they have learnt to dance. If you take left, you will find yourself standing on the longest street in Buenos Aires which is called Santa Fe and don’t forget to visit Recolleta cemetery, where lies one of the most famous people of Argentina – Evita Peron.

“Caminito Street” – is a street of tango. It is said to be a musical center of Argentina. Since 1959 it functions as an open air museum. It is also a wonderful souvenir market where you can find the most exquisite gifts for your friends.

To complete Argentinean look, there should be mentioned one more thing except tango- footballFootball in Argentina is more than just a game. La Boca is a home place of one of the most prominent football clubs in Argentina. It has “La Bombera stadium” which is the first stadium to be played by world football hero Maradona. The stadium can place about 60 245 people.

La Boca is also a place where first football museum was build. Numerous football expositions are dedicated to different time in Argentinean football history. South America football museum has old items but modern design. Every short movie is shown with a help of 3D and has 72 sensor screens. Altogether it shows best moments of XX century’s football in all parts of the world.