Ushuaia in Argentina

Here’s a little piece of trivia: you can visit the southernmost city in the world when you are in Argentina. That is Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego. It is situated in a wide bay on the southern coast, bound by the Martial mountain ranges on the north, the Beagle Channel on the south and surrounded by Magellanic subpolar forests. This is one of the popular tourist places in Argentina and with good reason: Ushuaia is replete with amazing opportunities for sightseeing and exploration.

Nature lovers have plenty of choices to enjoy the environment. There’s Tierra del Fuego National Park which can be reached via the Tren del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Train). Some of the wildlife that can be found include guanacos, foxes, condors, Torrent Ducks and carancas. As well the park boasts of breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers and forests. You can also visit the base of the Martial Glacier and get a good view of the whole city.

For history and culture buffs, there’s the Museo del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Museum), the Maritime Museum and the lighthouse made famous by Jules Verne in his novel, the Faro del Fin del Mundo (Lighthouse at the End of the World). Foodies will also enjoy the savoury cuisine which includes lamb barbecue, king crabs and chocolates.

There are regular flights to the Ushuaia International Airport from Buenos Aires as well as Santiago, Chile. It is also a major port for Antarctic tourists and a commercial pier.