Famous People of Argentina

Argentina is famous not only for its love to music, dances, football, passion and bright life but also for its famous people – brave, cheerful and uncontrollable. The first and the best example of a real Argentinian is


Maradona Diego Armando was born in 1960 – Argentinian brilliant footballer, coach. World champion 1986, he participated in four World Championships (1982, 1986, 1990 и 1994). He started his career at the age of 16 and at 36 became the most popular footballer of the world.

Maradona played for“Barcelona”, “Napoli”, “Sevilla”. Spent 36 matches for the national team and nailed 91 goals. He is also known as a “God’s hand” for scoring a goal in Final 86 with his hand.

 Norma Aleandro

A great example of beauty, character and talent is Norma Aleandro. She is a famous actress, born in Buenos Aires. A performer of leading roles, lately she has been shooting in international movies.

She worked in theatre and on the television. Norma got a palm branch on the Cans festival for the role in the “Official version”.

Jose Fernandes

Jose Fernandesis a great representative of Argentina. He is a well-known Argentine poet.  He was born in 1834. He is known as a rebel. He participated in a gaucho rebellion against the central government in 1872.

Two years later, after self-imposed exile he came back to Buenos Aires and formed a federal newspaper “ Revista del Rio de la Plata”. Soon he had taken several governmental positions. He became world famous after publishing his poem“Martin Fierro”.

Che Guevara

One name that is familiar to everybody is Che Guevara. A world famous rebel and revolutionary. Born in Argentina in 1928. He was a doctor, soldier. A great adventurer, the first to cross South America on a scooter. After the successful Revolution on Cuba he took an active part in building Socialism. Che was a dear friend of Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba. In 1959 he became a president of National Cuban Bank, in 1961 the Minister of Industry. In November 1966 he went to Bolivia to organize guerilla movement. Same year he was surrounded and kaput by the state army that took a great support from the US army. His portrait is considered to be one of the most replicate images, including the image of Jesus Christ.

Amadeo Carrizo

Amadeo Carrizois almost unknown in the world but is said to be the best goalkeeper in South America. Amadeo was born in 1926 ina little town Rufino. He played for “River Plait”and “Millionares”. He performed in 570 matches and hasn’t conceived 639 goals. He was a living legend in the XX century.

Beto Vasquez Infinity

Wonderful Argentine music is performed by the world famous bass guitar player and composer Beto Vasquez Infinity. Firstly, he played in a trash-band but soon he got tired of heavy music and formed a new band with a new melodic sound. The group turned out to be very charismatic and became world famous. Their all known album is “Battle of Valmourt” which was released in Russian, Usa, Japan and all over Europe.

Alberto Tevez

Another great footballer is Alberto Tevez. He was born in 1984. He is a three times named best footballer of South America. He is a winner of Libertadores Cup and International Cup in 2003. Tevez played for Manchester United and because of his tough temper he is currently looking for a transmission.