Salta is the capital of the North Argentina’s province Salta. It is also known as a spiritual center of the country. Previously it had an incredibly long name “Muy Noble y Leal Ciudad de San Felipe de Lerma en el Valle de Salta” which means Very Noble and Faithful city San Felipe Lerma in the Salta valley which was soon renamed into Salta.

Salta is a very beautiful and interesting city which lies on the 1190 meters above the sea level and has spectacular views to the San Bernando Mountains.

There are so many places of attraction that is be difficult to choose the most interesting because Salta is a so-called cross-road of architecture, culture and natural resorts. The first thing that captures anyone’s attention is Salta’s architecture. The colonial style places like Plaza 9 de Julio; this square is surrounded with beautiful buildings like Cabildo (City Hall). This place includes Museo Historico Municipal in General Rodriguez that has one of the richest historical collections in the country. In the neighborhood one will find a precious cathedral that looks like a fairy-tale colorful painted building.

The biggest attractions of the religious people are the miraculous statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ Miracle Monger. These masterpieces are safely kept in a fascinating cathedral San-Francisco.

Recently Salta has built a very well infrastructure for tourism. The city has a great variety of tourist agencies that will help you with managing excursions.

The Train in the Sky is one of the most popular excursions that is indeed, heavenly made. The old-fashioned train takes you from the city railway station and goes up to the 4 200 meters above the sea level. While traveling through the sky you will come across 29 bridges, from the massive iron to the suspension bridges. The train is accompanied with a guide who tells you the history of 21 tunnel and 13 viaducts. Altogether the train makes 2 introversions and 2 swages. The time that you spend in the train while looking at the most beautiful Argentinean natural resorts and mysterious place will stay in your head forever.

Another must see place is Cafagate. It is one of the most spectacular cities on the province. It is situated Colchakiz valley. Better plan at least two days to visit the most exciting spots of the city. Cafagate provides excursions to the Colchakiz clove, Serigos and La Merced which is also known as one of the spiritual places. Each year this city is filled with priests and simply religious people who believe in the miraculous and healing props.

And the last place that cannot be missed is Carchi. Its biggest attraction is Episcope Hill that joins two valleys and reaches 3 200 meters in height. The National Park Los Cordones makes this place absolutely unique.

Salta is so much more that can be written said or even played. The only way to know it is to go there and explore its magnificent architecture, culture and natural beauty.