Museums in Argentina

Argentina has it all: long distance beaches and one of the highest mountains, endless deserts and unbelievably beautiful waterfalls, vast megapolices and uninhabited vastness of Patagonia. Argentina is a miraculous, unknown country where each will find something to the heart.

Taken to account Argentina has everything to everybody, but what about its museums? The country has a lot of different museums and only Buenos Aires has 120 of them.

There are at least 5 must-see museums in Argentina:

National Fine Art Museum

This museum is situated in Buenos Aires. This museum was established in 1932 and is placed in the building that used to be a pump-house. The reconstruction was made under auspices of one of the best Argentinean architect Alejandro Bustillo. The neoclassical front (1870) wasn’t changed. The exposition is taken 24 rooms, on 3 floors.

This museum collection is believed to be one of the best in the Latin America. It includes more than 12 000 items but only 700 can be seen in a time so the collection is kept up to date. Among the pictures there are works of world famous artists such as Goya, Rubens, Rembrandt, Rodent, Degas and Picasso.

The Museum of Latin Art

One cannot make an impression about the art of the country without actually seeing it. The best place to do it is the Museum Of Latin ArtThis museum is pretty young, it was opened in 2001. The collection of museum consists of 200 works. These are the pictures, sculptures of famous Argentine artists like Bernie, Solara, Ferrari, Fornera. Museum Of Latin Art also exhibits Brazilian, Cuban and Mexican works. The aim of the museum is to spread Latin art all over the world.

The Argentine Historical Museum

It is said that it is impossible to understand a country without its history so the best way to know it is to go to the Argentine Historical Museum. The museum is placed in the President Palace which itself is a wonderful place to go. This was an official place of an executive branch of the government and president. The palace became a museum on 1957; it has a great collection of variable historical works, presidential monuments and other ancient stuff that are connected with the executive branch.

Patagonia Museum

Patagonia Museum was opened in 1940. Together with its widest “meseta” it brings a spirit of the southern Argentina. This museum was opened as a complex with a Public library Domingo Sarmiento and little town Bariloche. A great number of expositions were confiscated from National Parks. Museum’s area is divided into several rooms that form an incredible picture of regional history, prehistory, dessert congests. Moreover Patagonia Museum has a unique collection of the aborigine’s history that will not leave anybody uninterested.

Che Guevara Museum

Every country should have a hero. For Argentina is Ernesto Che Guevara. He is one of famous people of Argentina that formed the history and till today he is remembered and respected. There are some museums in the country that try to glorify the name of a Cuban revolutionary. The biggest and the most famous is in Rosario. The biggest part of materials was given by the family and friends of Che Guevara. Al together there are more than 14 000 items in the museum. The most famous movie “Motorcyclist’s Journal” that was published in 2004 is shown here too.