Nightlife in Argentina

Everything you have ever heard about hot Latinos and their crazy “fiestas” is absolutely true: true that they almost do not sleep at night, true that they party, dance, sing and drink all night.

Argentinean nightlife is pretty spectacular, due to the warm weather in most of the territory, people have a great possibility to stay very late outside. The often called question of how do Argentinean work without sleep has a simple answer- “siesta”. If they do stay late they let themselves sleep for 30 minutes or even 1 hour during the lunch time.

If you are in Argentina you surely have to go to Buenos-Aires. The capital city has a great variety of restaurant, bars, cafés and nightclubs to attend. Even if you are going to some small town you are most likely to catch up some village disco or the gathering of friendly locals that will let you in if you bring them some alcohol present. Those gatherings usually last till the very morning and include tango dancing, Argentinean football, religion and polititian disscusions.

One of the best nightclubs in Argentina is Buenos-Aires  club ”Milion”. It is an absolutely unbelievable place that is always filled with Porteneos and different tourists. It is placed in the 19th century mansion that is divided into bar area, lounge area and a dining area. Sweeping stairs are booked with nice-looking people that preferably drink rum from the biggest collection of waiting rums in the Southern region. Music is loud and people look really excited, some weekends they even have a Dj spinning music. Though the service is slow and non-English, the food is delicious and it will give you a great portion of fun.

Another must see place is “Museo” (Museum). Museum is a grand place that has an enormous, almost endless dance-floor. It was designed by J. Eiffel the one who designed Eiffel Tower in Paris. This place was made for adults in every aspect. The entrance age is not younger than 26. The face-control is pretty strict so don’t forget to buy or even rent an exclusive outfit in some place like best shopping place for entertainment – 4 Rent Argentina in Buenos Aires. When you are ready with your outlook don’t forget to smile. Argentina is a warm and a sunny country that welcomes warm and happy people.

The last from the million others is Fuerzabruta live music club. Argentinean live music and passionate tango dancing won’t let you just seat. It starts as a light conversation with a musician and the next thing you are swinging as you were born to dance. The design of the place is very cozy and comfortable. Excellent service and wonderful people make it one of the best spots in Buenos Aires. Fuerzabruta annually hosts thousands of musicians from abroad and even more locals. Any style musicians play best singles and perform the best shows. The club is really popular so don’t forget to book it right ahead.

To cut the long story short – Argentina simply has it all. The only tip is to relax and enjoy it.