Study in Argentina

Argentina is said to be a youth country. Naturally, if the country has a lot of young people, they need a place to work, but everybody wants to find a good job so they have to study.

Argentinian educational system is believed to be the best in South America. The general level of literacy in the country is 95% which is the highest in South hemisphere. Though, the education is for free, only 10% of students can get it. Children from working class families can hardly receive education and in total there is only 1% of such.

Because of the high price for the studies, students have to combine university with work. Girls preferably work in a fashion stores like Abasto Shopping; boys usually work in factories or in a car rental centers. The attainment level is very high. The governmental educational system started to form after Argentina gained its independence in 1816.

The first universities were established in La-Plata, Buenos Aires and Cordoba. By the middle of the XX century the number of universities raised to 500, though the number of governmental ones is 50.

The main Argentinian braineries are National University of the Arts, based in Buenos Aires, National University of Cordoba and National University of La-Plata. To enter any of this universities any scholar has to pass a year course CBS (Common Basico Curso). The term of apprenticeship is different for each profession: engineers study for 5-6 years, programmers for 5, auditors for 5, architects for 5-6 and doctors for 6.

University of the Arts

National University of the Arts was formed in 1821 and now it includes more than 100 000 local and foreign students. This institution focuses on culture and technological studies.  Those who study there have an access to all modern equipment and entertainments. Organizations, clubs and various projects give them a possibility to communicate and form new skills.

University of Cordoba

National University of Cordoba is one of the biggest and the oldest university in the country. Though it’s financed by the country, it is independent and has a system of self- administration with professors and students in the head of it. The University of Cordoba was established in 1610. The main subjects were philosophy and theology. Today there are 115 000 students and 12 departments. The variety of subjects is endless: from medicine and chemistry to law and architecture. Moreover, there are 25 libraries and 12 museums on the territory of the university.

University of La-Plata

National University of La-Plata was established in 1905 by Joking Victor Gonzalez who used to be the governor. That is the third university in Argentina after the one in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. The number of students is 85 000 people, 17 departments that include 118 specialties. The city La-Plata is itself a student place. La-Plata is considered to have the largest number of young people from Argentina and from abroad. Besides, the university that city has tons of places for entertainment: bars, clubs, street musicians and so on.