Iguazu Waterfall in Argentina

Iguassu waterfall is very likely to be the most beautiful place in the world. The waterfalls are not only beautiful but enormous. The place cannot be described with words as it’s even too big to fit into the words. It is higher than Niagara Falls and larger that Victoria. The place is full of extraordinary tropical plants and animals which make it even greater.

Rio Iguassu (Iguassu River) calmly pushes its yellow waters through the close tropical forest.  At first site this is a typical Latin America river that boarders with Brazil and Paraguay. Just right at the end of the boarder Iguassu River meets Parana River that ends the idealistic look of the river.  At the geological boundary, the river turns into uncontrolled yellow waters that fall from the 70 meters height with a deafen sound.

Iguassu is one of top ten attractions in Argentina. It is divided into 275 waterfalls that overflow into 4 km of fresh water. It flows through a thrust for about a km and then it comes to its southern end which is commonly known as a “Devil Throat”. A “devil throat” is one of the highest and the deepest canyons of Iguassu. Tons of water fall into the depth of the river and cover everything with the brilliant splashes of water. Capacity of stream water here is 1750 of cubical meters in a second which is the highest index in the world.

The rocks and canyons were formed as a result of slap of volcanic slope of 1600 meters, it is called Parana Basalte, and it covers more than one million of square km. It is believed to be one of the biggest volcanic formations in the world.

The mighty and the beauty of the Iguassu waterfalls each year attract more and more visitors. The canyons are fitted with handing bridges that connect different waterfalls. These bridges are extremely interesting; they give a certain feeling of being inside the waterfall which is pretty scary but absolutely safe. The bridges are specially equipped and the tourists are usually given raincoats, though they are even aloud to swim in some of the places. There are also helicopter and boat excursions that will let you experience all types of tourism here.

The waterfalls were firstly opened by the Spanish conquistador don Alvaro Nunez de Baca, who came here while searching for the Inca’s gold. In 1984 it was enlisted to the UNESCO World Heritage.

The waterfalls are situated in the National Park Iguassu is usually called a natural paradise. The park was established in 1984 in order to save one of the Argentineans treasures-its waterfalls. It is situated in the Misiones province and its total are is 67 000 ha. The banks of the Iguassu River are filled with exotic plants and animals that are rarely seen in the other parts of Latin America. The flora and fauna of the park is absolutely stunning, friendly animals even seem to pose for the pictures of tourists. In 50 meters from the entrance there is a “tree country” that will tell you about the thousand year old fauna and flora of the park.

Altogether it is a must-see place in Argentina, the beauty you are about to see is absolutely stunning, it is a pure, almost untouched nature with wild water and screaming jungles.