Route 40 in Argentina

Just as United States has route 66, Argentina has the longest road that is called Route 40. This road is a wonderful way to plan your journey around wonderful country Argentina.

Route 40 starts at the west of Argentina (Cavo Virgenes) in Santa Cruz and goes all the way to the southern part (La Quiaca) in Jujuy province. The road is almost 5 000 km and it’s full of extreme surprises, beautiful landscapes and interesting stories. To be prepared for the trip, you should be sure of your car as it is very important when you decide on such a long journey. 

Argentinean government added and paved other highways into Route 40 in order to promote national tourism. The road has numerous fascinating and mysterious stories that are being spread among visitors of the country.

Route 40 was firstly constructed in 1935 and after was changed several times. On November 2004 National directorate of highways decided to add “zero km” at Cavo Virgenes. Before 2004 Route 40 was divided into 2 parts “Ruta 40 Sur” and “Ruta 40 Norte” with the “zero km” as a start in Mendoza.

Northern part starts at the Bolivian border at La Quiaca, and then it goes to Saun Juan de Oro through the beautiful Calchaqui valleys which are parallel to mighty Andes Mountains. The Northern part of the road stops at San Juan and then it stretches as a busy highway down to world famous wine yards of Mendoza.

The southern part goes from Mendoza to wonderful cities like Chros Malal, Zapala and Malarque. Then it takes travelers to the east Bariloche, El Maiten and continues at Jose de Martin and a wonderful place Alto Rio Senguer which is situated in a fun and hospitable Argentinean town in Chubut province.

Ruta 40 Sur takes its visitors through the most dangerous and at the same time most exciting places in Argentina. One of the most remote parts of the road is at 124 km. It is situated at the southern part of Perito Moreno. This route will show you marvelous Cuevas de las Manos and a tiny-tiny settlement of one of the last Indian tribes in Argentina which is called Bajop Caracoles. Its population is less than 50 people.

One who dares to continue this journey should be aware that after a further 100 km there is almost no sign of civilization except for a junction to Perito Moreno national Park that was recently added to the list of the natural protected national parks in Argentina. On the 325 km one will come across Tres Lagos town and then it riches a coast of Atlantic Ocean in Punta Loyola.

Route 40 that stretches more than 5200 kilometers from the Bolivian border in the north down south to Ushuaia which is an official most southern city in the world, often called the edge of the world. 

Route 40 is a wonderful touristic and adventurous destination that takes you to the highest peaks of Andes, goes alongside turquoise waters of Argentine glaciers, shows you diverse Argentine culture and takes you to a lifetime road trip.